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20 October 2008



so Wozzer - where did you learn to write as well as you do - does it come naturally or do you put a lot of thought into it ? Do you review and amend and then repeat this process until it just flows - perhaps it's natural or maybe you spent years as a salesman making cr*p stuff sound good. You're doing a great job - I'm still reading your blog after all this time. You lost me around the time you switched blog hosts but you're certainly 'on fire' again now. Looking fwd to more - I really ought to go to bed though - have a 5am start tmw !

Warren Garber

Where did I learn to write?? I went to one of London's best Grammar Schools!! Well, learned a bit on the few days that I wasn't truant.

I make a few notes while I'm out and about, usually research some details - population, area etc online - then I write it while I'm thinking. It does just 'flow' from my mind as I write. I hope this gives it more of a 'conversational' style - although I am guilty of changing tenses and swapping between first and third person at times.

I think it makes the narrative maybe a bit more interesting though. So I'm glad to hear you're enjoying reading it - and for your positive comments.

Believe it or not - it takes around three hours to write an article, check facts, prepare the photo's - captions etc, proof reading and then publish it all. So at times it's a bit of a labour, but I'm glad to have it all down in writing as a record of the trip.

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